Monday , 19 February 2018
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ZoiD Live With HORNS! live at Workin II
Photography by Devi Anna

ZoiD Live With HORNS! live at Workin II

ZoiD is Dublin-based musician, producer and DJ Daniel Jacobson. Releases out on Invisible Agent, Boy Scout Audio, D1 and Diatribe.

As a guitarist and electronic musician he has played with many groups, including recent tours with Meljoann and Jack L, and continues working regularly as a jazz musician in small groups, duos and solo.

Jacobson founded Diatribe Records in the late 90s to promote the work of local underground artists and is currently one of three directors of the label. He curates the Tronix Series to encourage electronic music makers and composers to collaborate in unusual ways…

Zoid live with Horns feature Bill Blackmore on trumpet and Chirs Engel on Sax.

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