Monday , 19 February 2018
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Tom Rainey’s Obbligato Live at Whelans
Photography by John Cronin

Tom Rainey’s Obbligato Live at Whelans

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“A cutting-edge lineup and a no-prisoners approach…” – The Guardian

Tom Rainey – DRUMS
Ralph Alessi – TRUMPET
Ingrid Laubrock – TENOR SAX
Kris Davis – PIANO
Drew Gress – BASS

“Though unconstrained by formal concerns, the musicians always maintain some key aspects of the underlying structure of each piece, be it melody, harmony or rhythm. Such awareness of the tradition enriches the depth of their interpretations, making Obbligato one of the most persuasive modern recordings of established standards in some time.”

Troy Collins (All About Jazz)

Intrepid percussionist Tom Rainey is at the helm of this stellar line up of the finest players that the New York jazz scene has to offer, featuring trumpeter Ralph Alessi, saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock, bassist Drew Gress and Canadian pianist Kris Davis. Greater than the sum of its parts, the group’s democratic interplay and intuitive listening results in a irresistible rapport.

The album ‘Obbligato’ was released last year on Switzerland’s Intakt label, which has a reputation for challenging, free form music. However this project sees a deconstruction of Great American Songbook standards, intriguingly reinterpreted as impressionistic sketches by a multi-generational group of acclaimed artists, and played to the very highest standard with energetic group interplay.

Tom Rainey has been a fixture in New York’s Downtown scene since the early ‘90s, his experiments in form and structure with peers such as Tim Berne, Andy Laster and Tom Varner an integral part of the development of the scene. The stalwart drummer’s current efforts have found him collaborating with a new generation of creative improvisers like Ingrid Laubrock and Mary Halvorson.

This fearless project will appeal to straight-jazz fans and the improv hardcore alike.

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