Monday , 19 February 2018
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This is how we fly Live at Bray Jazz Festival 2014
Photography by Devi Anna

This is how we fly Live at Bray Jazz Festival 2014

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Traditional music, wherever you find it, has not stood aloof from the tools of change that characterize life in our modern world. As you listen to This is How we Fly, you might find yourself raising delightful questions as to the place, potency and possibilities of old music in a new environment.

This is How we Fly brings together four musicians rooted in different cultures and musical vocabularies, and each with reputations for not just mastering their chosen fields, but rising above, and redefining and renewing the musical world they come from.

A sublime Irish fiddler who’s not afraid to step outside convention, a sophisticated Appalachian hard shoe dancer, an imaginative Dublin jazzman and a lyrical Swedish percussionist present a repertoire that is rich in creativity and deeply affecting.

Stockholm’s Petter Berndalen and Michigan’s Nic Gareiss first met Dubliners Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh and Seán Mac Erlaine in 2010. The collective pedigree is eye catching, and includes bands like The Gloaming, The Chieftains, Darol Anger and Gjallarhorn, along with interdisciplinary work in theatre, dance and contemporary music. Their centred, inquisitive approach to finding a collective voice is now yielding a rich bounty of ideas.

And what do those audiences hear? Traditional music certainly – Irish fiddle tunes from Sliabh Luachra, old timey music from the Blue Ridge mountains, and polskas from the Swedish regions where dancing still holds sway. But they come away with something else too.

Captivating performances shot through with a brilliant seam of the contemporary, somewhere on a musical spectrum at home with artists like Arve Henriksen and Sigur Ros.


“Some of the most ear-opening music…” – Last Night’s Fun
“Fresh-faced, unboxable music.” – The Irish Times
“A white-hot creative crucible uniting four pyrotechnic young talents.” – Celtic Connections
“The group’s genre-melding music is delivered with a lightness of touch that befits the name, with Gareiss’s nimble-footed ‘percussive dance’ adding a spellbinding visual element to live shows.” – Le Cool


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