Monday , 19 February 2018
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Phisqa live at Workin II
Photography by Devi Anna

Phisqa live at Workin II

PHISQA (five in Quechua, native language of Peru) is not only a harmonious conjunction between five ‘Jazzmen’ from different countries (Italy, South Africa, Peru, Venezuela & Ireland), but also the staging of a new way to merge the rich texture of Afro Peruvian rhythms and Andean with finesse, and high technical spontaneity of jazz. Formed in Dublin, Ireland in 2011, Phisqa escapes the traditional way in which Peruvian rhythms have been merged with jazz.

Phisqa explores the richness of Afro – Peruvian and Andean music with the tradition of jazz as a foundation for the various instruments: saxophone, guitar, drums, piano and double bass. That way we can fuse Peruvian rhythms with the newest contemporary jazz and fusion.

Cote Calmet: Drums/Compositions
Chris Engel: Saxophones
Julian Colarossi: Guitar
Loepoldo Osio: Piano
Cormac O’Brien: Double Bass

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