Friday , 19 January 2018
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Phisqa live at the Bray Jazz Festival 2013
Photography by Devi Anna

Phisqa live at the Bray Jazz Festival 2013

Phisqa (meaning ‘five’ in Peruvian dialect) is a collaboration between young players from Italy, South Africa, Peru, Venezuela and Ireland.  The group present a set that merges the rich textures of Peruvian rhythm with the finesse and spontaneity of jazz.

Phisqa explore the richness of traditional Peruvian music with the tradition of jazz as a foundation for the various instruments.  Band members are (pictured right) Chris Engel (alto and soprano sax), Julien Colarossi (guitar), Leopoldo Osio (piano), Cormac O’Brien (double bass) and Cote Calmet (drums).


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