Sunday , 21 January 2018
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OKO live at 12 Points Jazz Festival 2013
Photography by Leopoldo Osio

OKO live at 12 Points Jazz Festival 2013

“Edgy electric jazz” – The Irish Times

Something’s stirring in the Irish jazz scene, and it’s spearheaded by adventurous young outfits like OKO. Industrious Dublin guitarist Shane Latimer leads this gutsy, typically eclectic quartet that runs the gamut from delicately sculpted electro acoustic shapes to gritty streetwise funk. Drummer Shane O’Donovan provides the pulse, Darragh O’Kelly brings the splashes of dark keyboard colour, and Djackulate is the free agent with the turntables, dropping beats and samples that keep the creative axis in constant movement. OKO is unstable in the best way, as the four go about their collaborative business, riffing on a creative consensus that draws on Krautrock, vintage TV shows, noise, musak and IDM, like a fluctuating soundtrack to a typical Saturday night in Dublin town.

  • Shane Latimer – Guitar
  • Darragh O’Kelly – Keyboards
  • Jack Mc Mahon – Turntables, Sampler, Tenor Sax, Flute, Kaval, Uileann Pipes
  • Shane O’ Donovan – Drums, sampler


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