Friday , 19 January 2018
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Nature Live at The Bray Jazz Festival 2012
Photography by Devi Anna

Nature Live at The Bray Jazz Festival 2012

Nature is a groove-jazz project with the line-up of a rock band and the aesthetic of a techno DJ.

The group was founded in 2011 by Kevin Higgins, an honours graduate of Newpark Music Centre with wide experience in jazz and rock outfits.

His compositions distil techno, dubstep and hip hop influences into a minimalist modern jazz sound. Trancy, riff-based melodies give way to clear, elegant progressions: sinewy structures for these young musicians to explore and deconstruct.

Nature fuses a fluid group interplay from four distinctive sonic personalities. Tommy Gray’s crunchy beats and the stuttering basslines of Kevin Higgins drive the groove. Meanwhile Chris Guilfoyle’s manically creative guitar work vies with electronica-inspired vocals from Georgia Cusack.

This quartet celebrates the fundamentals of Afro-American music: rhythm; the unique power of the human voice; call-and-response; and hypnotic repetition. The band recorded an album in March 2012 which is currently being mixed.

Featuring Kevin Higgins on Electric Bass, Chris Guilfoyle on Guitar, Georgia Cusack on vocals and Tommy Gray on Drums.




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