Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Kavorka live at The Bray Jazz Festival 2014
Photography by Devi Anna

Kavorka live at The Bray Jazz Festival 2014

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Kavorka is Dublin-based contemporary jazz group that draws its members from Eastern Europe, South America and Ireland.

Established in 2010, the band made its debut at the Bray Jazz Festival in May 2011 and have since performed regularly on the Irish jazz scene and abroad since then.

The group`s repertoire is original material, mainly composed by saxophonist Peter Dobai. The variety of different nationalities in the band gives the foundation of their unique sound.

The aim of Kavorka is to further develop its own style and sound through the elements of contemporary classical, eastern-European folk and drum and bass music unified in the jazz idiom. The group has recorded its debut album early 2012, expected to be launched by later this year.

The band members are Slovakian saxophonist Peter Dobai, Venezuelan pianist Leopoldo Osio, Hungarian Peter Erdie on bass, and drummer Shane O’Donovan.


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