Monday , 19 February 2018
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Julien Colarossi Quartet
Photography by Leopoldo Osio

Julien Colarossi Quartet

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Four of the busiest young jazz musician in the country meet together in this quartet. Recently back from an Italian tour (July 2012), the band is gaining a good following. Julien and his band have a keen interest in identifying the spiritual nature of music and in reaching out and engaging as many people as possible, with different musical tastes, from young to old.

Established in 2008 in Newpark Music Centre by graduates Julien Colarossi, Barry Donohue and Tommy Gray, the band has explored many sonorities and musical paths since. With the latest addition of pianist Johnny Taylor and drummer Dominic Mullan, the band has found its true dimension and identity.

High energy, effective arrangements and collective improvisation are the main feature of the quartet, alongside the capacity to drag the crowd into the stream of energy projected by the band’s soulful and thoughtful music.

For the winter of 2014 the JCQ is organizing a national Irish tour, hoping to reach as many new people as possible and spread their music and love everywhere.

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