Friday , 19 January 2018
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European Saxophone Ensemble
Photography by Devi Anna

European Saxophone Ensemble

The EUROPEAN SAXOPHONE ENSEMBLE Live at The Dublin Castle 16th September 2012. The ESE is a group of twelve young and highly gifted saxophone players from twelve different countries in the European Union. The members of the ensemble are chosen by auditioning in the whole of Europe and come from different professional environments. A very exciting ensemble, with an incredible group sound, they are touring Europe with just one Irish performance.

The selected musicins for the 2012 edition are János Ávéd (tenor and soprano saxophone) – Hungaria, Sam Comerford (tenor saxophone) – Ireland, Sylvain Debaisieux (tenor saxophone) – Belgique, Miriam Dirr (soprano and alto saxophone) – Germany, Linda Fredriksson (baryton saxophone) – Finland, Luka Ignjatović (alto saxophone) – Serbia, Tereza Králová (alto saxophone) – Czech republic, Andy Lévêque (alto and soprano saxophone) – France, Andrea Mocci (bass and soprano saxophone) – Italy, Jandra Puusepp (soprano saxophone) – Estonia, Gregor Siedl (tenor and soprano saxophone) – Austria, Dovydas Stalmokas (baritone and bass saxophone) – Lituania and directed by Guillaume Orti.



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