Monday , 19 February 2018
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Ensemble Eriu Live at Down with Jazz 2014
Photography by John Cronin

Ensemble Eriu Live at Down with Jazz 2014

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Slowly, and then all of a sudden, the landscape of Irish traditional music seems to be shifting, with bands like The Gloaming and This Is How We Fly opening up an exhilarating world of textural and improvisational possibility to our old dance forms. Now comes the adventurous Ensemble Eriu, beautifully poised between jazz, trad and classical, with no sense of stylistic hierarchy or compromise. Co-led by bassist Neil O’Loghlen and box player Jack Talty, Ériu draws on an ambient, chamber palette of seven players, and the debut album has drawn effusive praise from discerning ears Like John Kelly, Jim Carroll and Nialler 9.

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