Monday , 19 February 2018
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Photography by Leopoldo Osio


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Earthship is a five-piece band based in the west of Ireland, formed in 2011. Although heavily influenced at the outset by classic 70s jazz-funk and fusion artists, such as Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Weather Report and Return To Forever, Earthship’s sound has evolved over the course of innumerable gigs throughout Ireland and Europe to become a unique fusion of funk-inflected dance grooves, fiery improvisation and memorable pop hooks, which sees them equally at home on the stages of the Cork Jazz Festival or grooving out in a field full of rock, pop and dance fans at festivals such as Electric Picnic and Body & Soul.

Their debut single, ‘Anyway’, released on their own White Elephant Recordings label, not only showcases the band’s collective feel for an infectious groove, and each member’s virtuosic improvisational skills, but also a social conscience, an awareness of music’s secondary function as an effective means to convey a moral message. At six and a half minutes, the track also displays the band’s healthy disregard for pop convention, and the accompanying video (, with its sleight-of-hand visuals, is indicative of a band with its finger on the pulse of a society in which the various media and art forms are converging, where audio and video are no longer separate entities but feed off and contribute to each other.

Karl Clews – Bass
Mark Farrelly – Keys
Eoghan Judge – Guitar
Bart Kiely – Drums
Paula Higgins – Vocals/Percussion

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