Friday , 19 January 2018
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Colin Stetson
Photography by Devi Anna

Colin Stetson

Improvised Music Company collaborate with The Twisted Pepper’s for their 4th Birthday celebrations on 17th Nov, presenting a debut show from avant garde US saxophonist Colin Stetson + Justin Grounds .

Michigan native Colin Stetson is like the Roger Federer of avant-garde instrumental music. While the Swiss tennis player has changed the way we think of tennis, Stetson is redefining the possibilities of woodwind and brass instruments.” (Alex Green)

Bass saxophone maestro Stetson creates music which is both sonically vast and melodically accessible. He is a touring member of Arcade Fire, Bell Orchestre and Bon Iver, and has performed and recorded with dozens of artists, including Tom Waits, Arcade Fire, TV on the Radio, Feist, My Brightest Diamond, Laurie Anderson, David Byrne, Jolie Holland, Sinéad O’Connor, LCD Soundsystem, The National, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Angelique Kidjo and Anthony Braxton.

His first solo album, New History Warfare, Vol. 1, was released in 2008. His latest album, New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges, was released by Constellation Records in early 2011.’s Sean Westergard had this to say: “Colin Stetson is an absolute master of the saxophone…New History Warfare, Vol. 1 is a truly impressive, fully formed, and highly individual musical statement… Stetson’s compositions and ability to tell a musical story are what make this a great album. You haven’t heard saxophone music quite like this“.



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